Why buying from Us

Why buying form Us


Buying a business can be one of the very difficult financial decisions for a family, though depending on your experiences. However, the extra efforts mean extra rewards in life. 

If you want to become a business owner and have your life style under control, the time has never been better and the opportunities have never been greater, not only due to significantly fall down of market value currently, but also due to more business owners of Baby-Boomer become aging and are ready to retire.

We will be alongside with you when you start to look for businesses. The transaction for small businesses frequently turn into a circle in Australia, a buyer today often become a seller within years. We believe that building a long-term relationship with the buyer means building up our own business as well. If you come to us, we commit to furnish all business information in a fair and honest way and to treat the deal in a professional manner.

Our business listings are prepared and presented in a professional and logical format, which provides buyers the business and financial information of each listing. 

We ensure we will

· work with You to analyze business listings from a cash-flow perspective;

· work closely with your  lawyer and financial professionals to make sure they have ready access to the business information of the listings as selected; 

· assist arranging the necessary information for buyers and sellers prior to closing in order to have the closing transaction going through smoothly.

Buyers will not be charged any fees if the current business is listed with us, as  sellers agree to pay commissions when the business sale transaction is completed.


Buying Processt

Buying Process


The process of business purchase is as below:

· Signing the Confidentiality Agreement

A Buyer is required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement before any information is provided concerning businesses being listed. 

· Analyzing ideal business

To make an appointment with us, we will work closely with you to understand your business goals and to match your interests with the businesses that we have listed for sale.  We will discuss with you about your business goals to determine your buying criteria.

· Inspection on site

If you go without the broker, you are required to avoid talking to anyone on site, which is to respect seller’s privacy and is also the requirement as part of the Confidentiality Agreement 

· Taking due diligent process

It is critical important for you to take due diligent with your professional assistant team, such as lawyers, accountants and consultants, to understand what you are purchasing.

· Making an offer

You will put sum of deposit to secure the deal and we will coordinate and communicate all negotiations between buyers and sellers until both parties agree on the final terms of the purchase.

· Sale Contract Implementation`

When you buy a business with lease conditions, the key factor of successfully possessing your ideal business is to obtain the landlords approval for the Lease Transfer.

· Ownership Transfer

Our service will end when the ownership of the business is transferred. 

In order to multiply your likelihood of success, we are able to provide you with our highly affordable coaching and consulting services.  No matter whether you are an experienced business owner or potential business owner for the first time, you will gain from our coaching and consulting services, which are based on combination of our 30 years experiences for business operating and business brokerage.