Our Services for Seller

Our Services for Seller


Selling your business is often a long, stressful and at times complicated process, particularly in a buyer's market! We will ensure to guide you through the long and tough process ahead, to assist you with your preliminary research, to help you customize your personal needs, to evaluate your business options and to bring the most suitable deals to the negotiation table with transparency.

Alongside the vexed transaction, our efforts are directed to make the tasks easier for you to achieve, meanwhile we will keep it completely confidential on your behalf for all of our dealings.

Being previous business owners, we understand how much extra works are being involved when selling a business while at the same time day-to-day business needs to be maintained without being affected.  The extra works are not only related to marketing, legal issues but also related to confidentiality requirements as well as mentally being frustrated and depressed.

We passionately desired to use our services to help business owners not only to create the maximum value they deserve from selling the business, but also to relieve the owners from the stressful selling process. 


Selling Process - First stage


Market Valuation

We will honestly provide our evaluation for your business based on our experience, database and market resources to determine the top price a buyer may pay in current market.  

Listing Agreement

When you decide to engage our services, you will need to sign a Listing Agreement which authorizes us to represent you for sale of your business.  All information provided to us is strictly confidential and will only be used for matters relating to sale of your business and be under the government’s regulation for privacy. 

Presentation of Business Profile

We will generate business profile for you and, with your approval, use the same to present your business to the competent buyers. 


The business profile will only be given to competent buyers who have executed Confidentiality Agreements. We are diligent to protect your vital relationships with your customers, employees, suppliers, banks creditors, etc. 


We will keep you posted regarding which buyers are interested in your business and will facilitate buyer’s questions and offers.  Tours will be scheduled with your approval and be at your convenience. Buyers are constantly advised for the importance of confidentiality. 

Business for Sale Advertisement

Besides informing existing buyers from ours database, your business will be professionally and confidentially marketed to more potential buyers. Your business listing will be posted on this website along with other websites of major businesses.   According to your needs, we can show you how “No Sale, No Charges” police works. 

Selling Process - Second stage


Offer Negotiation

We will facilitate all buyers’ negotiation. Our arm is to minimize disruption of   your daily business operation and to support you to evaluate buyer’s offers. 

Transaction Coordination and Management

Liaising with the lawyers and accountants of both buyer and seller to ensure both   parties receiving relevant information. Coordinating the due diligence   process so that all parties going through this process in an orderly manner.


We will assist you in the final business transaction, and may be engaged in negotiation for the stock-taking should it be a very small amount. We will also monitor all preparations leading to closing of the sale.